Front-End Web Developer

Living in a fast-paced world, integral solutions that go beyond the reach of a product or object are needed. Because of that, learning how to code and to do web design became fundamental to provide extensive solutions. 

These are some of the examples that I have created by using Github, Wordpress, and open source resources.



Kunio San Website


Kunio website was developed as part of bigger campaign for a restaurant located in Mexico City. The site has was built using open sources resources (Github and Heroku).




Creative Authentication addresses the meaning of “being creative” in the modern world ideology. Where everything is formulated to be a novelty, new products or new solutions are the valuable ones and similar ideas seem not to be worthy. Creativity can be a potent tool if used as a strategy to challenge complex problems.

This project was conceived as response to an Internet era where everything is being posted online, and raises questions as:

  • How creativity can be achieved?
  • Is it a privilege that only a few have?
  • Can it be developed as any other skill?

Through artistic expression, I intend to demonstrate the potential for a creative process fed by critical feedback. Informed by art, design, and system thinking, the aim of the project is to visualize how creative people travel back-and-forth through a process of materialization and de-materialization of ideas; starting from the abstraction of the mind, moving to the physicality of our reality, and returning back to the abstraction of the Internet.

About Creative Authentication.

This website reflects the thesis research, exploration and thoughts of Carlos Ortega-Morales generated in the program of Master of Fine Arts in Designed Objects at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Design for Publicity


Project done in collaboration with DataMade to showcase the collection of projects done in the GFRY Studio 2013-2014 at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Open source code at Github.

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Peewee's Pet Adoption World & Sanctuary, Inc.


Web and graphic designer volunteer for Peewees 's Pet Adoption.

Since 2016, I have volunteered for this non-kill shelter. I have supported the shelter with graphic design, web design and video editing.