UX/ UI Designer Consultant

Hello, my name is Carlos Ortega. I’m an Industrial designer and motivated business innovator with more than eight years of experience in creative thinking, nurturing and growing startups, managing the logistics and operations of production departments, collaborating with interdisciplinary teams worldwide, and developing strategies for new products or services to expand business portfolios.
You might wonder why is that I am applying for a UX/UI Design position, however...

...the intersections between UX/UI Design and Industrial Design are remarkable. 

Professional Experience 


I would love to show you some of my experience as designer over the last decade, as well some UX/UI projects that I have done. And there's a little something that I worked during the last day for this interview. 

I firmly believe that in order to create an efficient, successful and amazing collaborative process, it's imperative to have well designed tools to gather, analyze and categorize data to create incredible products. The design process that I developed while studying my Master's Degree is based on four fundamental tools that will enforce and create a successful collaborative products and services.



User research is without a doubt a cornerstone of the Development process. It allows a deeper understanding how users behave and operate, as well what are the improvement areas. During this process, the feedback provided by users, as well the insights gathered by qualitative and quantitative research are keystones that lead to innovative products and services.

Concept development

Concept Development will validate ideas or thoughts with data collected during the user research phase; data such as customer needs, ethnographic data groups, specifications, blueprints, etc., will be valuable to guide the design concept phase. During this process, quick drawings, wireframes, flow charts and representations of potential products.


Experience design is the medium that communicates how the user research strengthens the design concept. It allows improving the customer satisfaction through the utility, ease of use, and performance achieved by using the product.
The experience develops through the user interface, accessibility, content quality, and information architecture.


As well as the products, companies need to thrive through reliability, customer service, and innovation. Innovating your business is essential to remain competitive in the market. Some element to achieve this, are: creating new ideas, methodologies, optimizing processes, and improving customer service.


My focus is the development of meaningful human-centered oriented products through pedagogy, co-design, and systems strategies. I believe the Development of any product or service must involve a combination of user research, ideation, testing, business strategies, product development, implementation and product recycling planning.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 12.52.32 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 12.32.46 AM.png






Platform: Squarespace

Developed: Information Architecture, Wireframes, Prototypes, copywriting and Deployment Design

Tools. Photoshop, Sketch and Illustrator

For this project, the client wanted a complete redesign from the previous website which was not engaging with customers, since it had outdated images and content. 

Since the completion of the project, the revenue of the business has improved monthly and has expanded the customer base.  




Platform: Wordpress

Developed: Information Architecture, Wireframes, Prototypes, copywriting and Deployment Design

Tools. Photoshop, Sketch, Wordpress, Paypal and Google Maps API

This project was done as a volunteer for a non-kill shelter in Corpus Christi, the staff had a hard time updating their website as it was managed by third party company,  the goal was to setup a Wordpress website and provide training to the staff to be able to do updates and post new content. Here is one example of the training modules, so they could keep referring to it if there was any questions.



Platform: Big-Commerce Platform

Developed: Information Architecture, Wireframes, Prototypes, Product Inventory Management and Product Assets (images,copywriting and video)

Tools. Photoshop, Big-Commerce, Fishbowl Infusionsoft, Zapier and Wordpress

In this E-commerce site allows customers place orders online, notifies the fulfillment team, when packed and shipped, our management inventory software (Fishbowl) the sends back the shipping information to the customer, all automated in efforts to reduce fulfillment times and human errors. 




I am deeply motivated to join SmartBridge, that's why I have created a mockup of Crisis360. I have not strayed too far from the original design, as my goal is to show the skills I have as UX/UI Designer, showing a few upgrades that could be implemented.

Crisis360Design copy 3.png

Download the High Resolution Mockup here

Still interested? then...

Why am I a good fit for this position?

  • I have almost a decade in the design industry, I have designed from furniture, home decor accessories, electronics, print and digital assets, but it has become my passion user experience. Not only because the interaction with apps and web services that we have every day, but because throughout my entire career, I have always been very interested in understanding users in order to be able to design amazing experiences and solutions. 
  • During my Master's Degree, my thesis project was all about perception between design and users. My project was development of a collaborative user experience framework that allows to provide not only object-oriented solutions but rather system-oriented solutions. You can learn more about it here.
  • Proactive! I don't like to settle, I'm always learning new tools or frameworks, I'm a self-taught web-designer, since I started about 4 years ago, I have been able to understand become proficient with HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, JQUERY (basic), Javascript (basic), Bootstrap/SASS, Wordpress, Ruby on Rails, Github , Heroku, among others tools. Not to mention that I'm highly proficient using Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch.

  • I have worked with both small companies to corporations worldwide, my work as a designer has been featured in North America, Asia, and Europe. Some companies I have collaborated are Home Shopping Network, True Value Company, Greenpeace Mexico, New Ventures Mexico, Galeria Mexicana de Diseño, MoMA Japan and NY, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Spazio Rossana Orlandi, among many others.
  • I am eager to work with you!
I'm currently learning how to make more efficient my workflows and wireframes.

I'm currently learning how to make more efficient my workflows and wireframes.

I even do research every weekend trying to understand cat and dog language!

I even do research every weekend trying to understand cat and dog language!



Drea Howenstein

Associate Professor at School of the Art Institute of Chicago

"Carlos is an exceptional person, in terms of integrity, intelligence and he’s a brilliant designer. One of the best humansI’ve encountered in my life teaching brilliant students for over 30 yrs. Loyal, hardworking, sincere, congenial, willing to do whatever it takes to get a job done with exceptional deliverables.

I’ve had the pleasure to know Carlos over a few years , as his teacher and beyond his degree. I write recommendations for students all the time, but this one is in the top 1% ofthe list.  There are only a few times in my career I can say someone is exceptional. Carlos is one".

Ceci Gomez

UX Designer at IBM

"Carlos’ work speaks for itself; the attention to detail in everything from the execution to the presentation reflects his high standards and the quality he consistently attains. Carlos is open to discussing challenges and does so in a propositive manner. I don’t think he considers challenges or problems to be a negative thing".

Hsi Chen

Designer for Clariant ColorWorks® North America

"He’d be a great leader in organizing projects and teams – he’s good with people because he listens and communicates; he analyzes, plans, and evaluates, which are crucial in executing works. His sophisticated thoughts are appreciated as a designer in my opinion, either in a group or individual projects, he brings projects to another great level".

Alvaro Amat

Design Director at The Field Museum

"Collaborative, creative, reassuring, calm in difficult situations, diplomatic, wise, capable of handling large complex projects with huge amounts of information and complicated teams.
With a calm and positive attitude, seeking for common ground and facilitating the communication of all team members. He is also particularly gifted at proposing clean and simple solutions to apparently impossible problems, by taking on the task of doing the hard work. He never hesitated when something needed to be done: he would step up to the task immediately".

Juan Manuel Flores

General Manager at Iguana 4 Studio

"I had a great experience working with Carlos, we´ve been friends for a long time since we started a company together as young entrepreneurs.
We learned together, and I can highlight Carlos as a professional who is always seeking the way to learn by himself, and to solve problems that come along the way. Carlos was always able to help in the aspects that he knew better at the time, and he was always a self-learner who loved reading and researching for the business improvement".